Do you or your partner suspect you might have Sleep Apnea? Undiagnosed sleep apnea comes with a high risk of serious heart conditions, such as atrial fibrillation and heart failure, as well as diabetes and other comorbidites. Our mission is to get you tested so you can rule out the risk of this serious condition. If you test positive, we have the treatment solutions to help decrease these risks.

Common Signs of Sleep Apnea


Gasping for air while sleeping

Trouble staying asleep

Dry mouth while sleeping

Morning headaches

Dozing off during the day


Difficulty paying attention while awake

Dangers of Undiagnosed of Sleep Apnea

Atrial Fibrillation (AFIB)

Heart Failure


Pregnancy Risks

Oxidative Stress

Do you already have a heart condition and have never been screened for sleep apnea? Bypass our symptom questionnaire and click here to order your test today.

Start Your Day Refreshed and Ready.

Need to get tested and don’t want to wait? Hypnos has you covered. Take our self-service free screening test. If positive our Board-Certified Sleep Doctors will consult with you, prescribe a home Sleep Test, using the only FDA / AASM disposable at home diagnostic test.

Getting tested and diagnosed is typically a long cumbersome process until now. Hypnos will screen you, connect you with a Board-Certified Sleep Doctor, test you at home and provide the therapy and ongoing supplies you need. We make it simple and easy.

Your cost is covered by your HSA or FSA account and many times less than the cost of a in hospital sleep study. This is all done in the comfort of your own home. Want extra support? Purchase Sleep Coaching packages and our professionals will spend the first 90 days, assigned to you, get you acclimated to your therapy.


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Take Your At Home Sleep Test.


Start Getting the Complete Rest You Deserve with Sleep Therapy.

Already using pap? How long has it been since your last sleep study? Home Sleep Test is the only study that can be performed WHILE using pap so you can assure therapy continues to be effective.

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Sleep hygiene education is an essential part of the cognitive-behavioral therapy used to treat insomnia. Why is sleep hygiene important? Good sleep hygiene ensures you consistently enjoy higher-quality, more restful sleep for a sufficient amount of time each night.